This endpoint contains information about univeristy professors and the courses they have taught. You can look up professors by name, department, or course.


semester – a six-digit string <year><month>. For example, “201401” for 2014’s Winter semester or “201508” for 2015’s Fall semseter.

See for a list of available semesters.

Courses Endpoint

The professor object

The professor object represents a UMD professor. The properties of a professor are:

name – the name of a professor as it appears on Testudo..

courses – An array of courses that the professor has taught in the given semester.

departments – An array of the departments a professor has taught in the given semester.

semester – Six-digit number identifying the semester the course is offered.

Sample professor object

  "name": "Mark Wellman",
  "semester": "201608",
  "courses": [
  "departments": [